Friday, August 22, 2014

Romance Book Review: E.A. Price's The Librarian and the Wolf

Author: E.A. Price
Series Connection: Grey Wolf Pack Romance Novellas
ISBN: n/a
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter Romance
Publisher: E.A. Price

Librarian Terri has moved to a new town and taken on a new job to get away from the past and a bad relationship. She hasn't given up completely on men, but decided that less meaningful relationships with younger men is the best plan for her right now. Her current fling is a sexy 19 year old wolf shifter named Mal and she's just fine with that. 

Terri and Mal start to spend more time together, Terri worries she's getting a little to attached to Mal. At 28 she's starting to think about settling down and with Mal only being 19 she doesn't think he is, but what she doesn't realize is maybe Mal wants more too. 

The author has created a world where we aren't too shocked that paranormals and supernaturals exist in this small town, which I liked, however the I wasn't too crazy about the characters. I wanted the heroine to be stronger. She'd broken up with her ex quite a while ago and had been having flings with younger men who seemed to find her attractive, so she should have more confidence in herself. The hero was just too young. I get that he's a 19 year old, but he could have acted a little more mature. Otherwise the book setting and secondary story lines were interesting and it was a short quick read so it gets some extra points for that. I will definitely try some of the other books in the series and see how they go before I give up on this author. 

Terri Lin, human, librarian. Following a devastating heart break Terri came to the town of Rose to start over. Not wanting to suffer the same heartache she dated younger men who like her just wanted a bit fun. She thought her latest young wolf would be just the same. He’s handsome and charming, but also childish and inconsiderate. She knows he’s still young and wouldn’t want to be tied down. So why does she yearn for more? 

Mal Tanner, wolf, Enforcer. He never expected to find his mate so early in life and yet from the moment he met the curvy little librarian he was smitten. Can he convince his mate that he’s the right wolf for her? Can he show her that he wants them to be together forever? 

Or is someone else vying for her affection? Someone else who thinks dead birds nailed to her front door make a heartfelt gift... 

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