Sunday, September 14, 2014

Romance Book Review: Carol Lynne's The Cut

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Kings of Bedlam MC
ISBN: 978-1-62334-033-6
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, M/F Romance, MC Romance
Publisher: Stiff Rain Press

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Santana Rogers grew up in the embrace of a motorcycle club, but her life completely changes after her father is thrown in jail for killing a cop and the club abandons her and her mother. It wouldn't have been so bad if her lifelong savior and crush Stake Willis would have stayed in touch, but even Stake abandoned her.

When Santana is attacked by the county sheriff, Stake reappears in her life and suddenly there appears to be nothing her won't do to make Santana feel safe. As the two work to rebuild their relationship and fall in love, will circumstances tear them apart for ever.

This is one of the better MC romances I've read so far. The character development is done very well, although I do have to say I was a little disappointed with the reason why the Club abandoned Santana in the first place. It seemed out of character for her alcoholic mother to not want the support of the Club especially after losing her husband while doing Club business.

This is definitely a good first start for this series.

As the only child of an abusive biker and an alcoholic mother, Santana Rogers had one hero she could turn to in her life. Stake Wills, a member of the Kings of Bedlam Motorcycle Club, was her father’s best friend, her savior and her lifelong crush. When her father is sent to prison, the club and her only friends turn their backs on her, leaving her to deal with the fall-out of her father’s crime on her own. 

Santana is proud of the way she’s persevered through the hard and lonely years on her own. When Stake reappears into her life after the county sheriff attacks her, she isn’t sure she’s willing to let him back into her life and her heart. And if she does, she’s not sure she’ll survive having her heart broken again when he inevitably leaves. 

It just about killed Stake to walk out of Santana’s life, but after his best friend’s death, he’s forced to choose between the motorcycle club and keeping an eye on Santana. The club is the only family he’s ever known, and a blackmail threat by Santana’s mother threatens to destroy it all. He realizes that he made a mistake, but that won’t stop him from trying to prove to Santana that he’s still the man she needs him to be.

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