Friday, October 3, 2014

Romance Book Review, Celia Kyle's Rebecca

Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Alpha Marked
ISBN: 9781936950836
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werewolf Romance, Shifter Romance
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing

Purchase Link: Amazon

The forth book in the Alpha Marked series introduces readers to Rebecca, Scarlett and her Wickham sister's long lost cousin. Rebecca's family and the Wickham family split when Rebecca was younger due to an family argument. Without knowing the family history, Rebecca is whisked away to the annual Werewolf Alpha and Warden gathering through magic means.

Rebecca has no idea where she is or how she got there or even that werewolves are real. Thrown into this new world Rebecca meets her cousins again and finds out that she is there because she is a mate for a werewolf alpha pair. Right away she meets Alpha pair Aidan and Carson and they tell her she's their mate.

For 14 years, Aidan and Carson knew they would find and share a mate as an alpha pair. Women has naturally been attracted to Carson's good looks, but when Rebecca clings to Aidan and shies away from Carson, Carson's reaction opens wounds that the three will have to deal with before they can mate for good.

In the meantime, their own issues aren't the only threat the three will need to deal with before they can become alpha mates.

Good story and characters to add to the Alpha Marked series, leading the storyline to continue with Rebecca's side of the family and her own set of sisters.

Thirty and single? Well, getcha ass to the Gathering! Wait… what? 

Rebecca Twynham hates nature, loves a juicy steak, is not Marked, and thinks wolves come in one form: on four feet and with fur. So when she’s hauled to the annual werewolf Gathering by this scary as hell magical vortex, she’s pretty surprised to find out werewolves are real. With that new knowledge, she finds she still hates nature, she’d love a juicy steak, and maybe—she might be—Marked. Well, she doesn’t see a Mark, but she also has heavy scarring from a childhood accident—or was it intentional? Plus, she really wants to climb the gorgeous Alpha Pair, Aidan and Carson, like a tree. Luckily the two hot werewolves wanna sink their roots into her flower and… The nature analogies have gone too far. 

Aidan and Carson have been a strong Alpha Pair for fourteen years. They’re tied together by their bond, and ache to claim a woman as their own. But while Carson has always been the GQ ladies’ man, Aidan has been the afterthought—the heavily scarred and frightening werewolf who’s caused more than one woman to faint. 

When they find Rebecca hiding in the Bad Doggie ballroom, they rejoice that they’ve finally found the one for them. Except with curvaceous, delicious Rebecca, their roles are reversed. Instead of rushing into the arms of sleek and sexy Carson, Rebecca clings to Aidan. Carson should rejoice in her acceptance of Aidan, but jealousy rears its ugly head, destroying their triad before it has a moment to form. 

Then things go from jealousy-driven bad to worse when the five families decide there won’t be any more Wickhams joining the wolfy family trees. 

Oh, right, she forgot that part. Apparently her Wickham cousins are kind of a big deal in werewolf land. Big.

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