Saturday, October 4, 2014

Romance Book Review: Tracy Roger's Employee of the Month

Author: Tracy Rogers
ISBN: 9781940744414
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Purchase Link: Beachwalk Press

Their first meeting was by chance and the attraction was hot. Finding out he was her boss didn't stop their no strings affair from getting hotter. Even breaking his own rules, Max couldn't stay away from Holly and so their once a month continued and then the unthinkable happens.

Neither Holly or Max wanted a relationship but when Holly finds out that she's pregnant it sends both Holly and Max into a whole lot of self discovery and give them a chance to chase their own demons away.

Emotion packed story bringing two wounded characters together. Both Max and Holly are strong characters and have enough of their own baggage to go around. I like that in a story like this because it keeps the reader interested in the characters road of self discovery. Not to mention there is plenty of hot sex through the pages of this story. This book is worth a read for that alone.

Some rules are made to be broken…

Rule number 1: No touching
Rule number 2: No kissing
Rule number 3: Never, ever, fall in love

Holly Wilder finds some of those rules pretty difficult to follow during her boss’s visits to present the Employee of the Month award. A relationship between them is prohibited, and even if it wasn’t, Holly has no intention of ever falling in love again. But that doesn’t stop her from craving Max’s touch.

Hotel owner Max Lazzari never expected to break his own rules, especially when they are so important to him. But sexy employee Holly is too hard to resist. Their no-strings, secret arrangement fits in perfectly with his no-commitment plan. A plan to ensure that no woman will ever again have the opportunity to hurt him.

Sizzling nights together mean Holly and Max start looking forward to the monthly visits more and more. Until they are both brought down to earth with a bump—a pregnancy one!

Will rule breaking lead to broken hearts?

Content Warning: contains sensual sex and some strong language

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