Monday, November 24, 2014

Romance Book Review: Ellen Cummins' The Heartbeat Journal

Author: Ellen Cummins
Digital ISBN: 9781940744476
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc.

Publisher: Beachwalk

Erotic romance author, Everly, is looking for her own happily ever after, especially after she breaks it off with her last cheating boyfriend. When an obsessed fan begins stalking and attempts to kidnap her, Everly she is helped by a police officer man she briefly met at a local garden center. Could Ben be the man she's been looking for or will she have met him too late, before her stalker ends her chances for the happy ever after she wanted?

A little slow moving in the beginning, this book offers a spirituality, along with light suspense. 

When fate slams two suffering souls together, can love help heal them?

Everly Afton, a romance novelist, is haunted by the memory and spirit of her brother Evan, whose suicide she blames on her father. Her broken home leaves her craving a healthy love. At twenty-seven she thought she'd be married with a family, but her boyfriend Jake's cheating ways has her rethinking her future.

After they break up, she visits the garden center for some flower therapy and is approached by Ben Colt, who strikes up a conversation about the hummingbird that fluttered in front of her face, and speaks of myths and angels. Everything about him is delicious, from his scent to his muscular body to his expressive brown eyes.

When Everly discovers she's being stalked, she's surprised when Ben is the detective assigned to her case. He's determined to see to her safety. But he has a painful secret of his own—a powerful revelation that leaves him vulnerable and her willing to soothe him in any way possible.

Everly's journal, a link to all things spiritual, helps to bring her universe together with his, and they collide in a storm of danger, passion, and truths that could change a person's life forever.

Content Warning: contains sensual sex scenes and some violence

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