Monday, January 19, 2015

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle's Lorelei

Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Alpha Marked
ISBN: 9781680399981
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance, Werewolf Romance

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Book five of the Alpha Marked series finds the second of the Twynham sisters to be found at the gathering. Although the Twynham sisters are related to the Wickham sister, their side of the family does not know anything about their heritage or that werewolves even exist. When Lorelei sudden finds herself zapped from the firing range to the Gathering hotel hallway with nothing but her little pink gun she doesn't have any idea what is going on and has to use her whits to get her through the ordeal.

It isn't until she meets her hunky mates that she first gets an idea of what is happening, but not everyone wants the Lorelei to find her Warden werewolf mates. And what has happened to her youngest sister?

Ever since I first started reading Celia Kyle's stories, I've enjoyed all, but this one gets a few points off. I wanted to see more of the authors usual rumor and free flowing spirit run through the story line, and I felt we didn't really get a chance to get enough detail about all the characters. We learn a lot about Dylan, the strong, not so self assured mate and his past, but what about Zeke, besides being the easygoing wolf. Even what we learn about Lorelei is limited as more story is based on what could have happened to the third sister Paisley.

However, these books must be read in sequence and maybe we will learn more in book six and Paisley's story.

Thirty and single? Well, getcha ass to the Gathering! Wait… what?

Lorelei is a hint over thirty—nobody better ask how much of a hint—and isn’t sure why the hell she’s been magically hauled to the land of werewolves. But she has. Which sucks. At least they stole her while she was at the gun range. Go Pink Pistol of Doom! So, they stole her, she stole a cell phone in return, and all is crazy in her new werewolf-laced world. It gets even crazier when, 1—she discovers her sisters have been kidnapped, too, and 2—werewolves are sexy as all get out. Lorelei is determined to come to her sisters’ rescue and well, see what Dylan and Zeke have to offer.

Dylan and Zeke can’t believe they’ve found their mate. Even though word was passed around that Wardens can have mates, they never thought they’d find theirs. And yet, here she is. Lorelei—gorgeous, lush, and curved in all the right places—calls to their magic and heats up their wolves. They want to lick her from head to toe… together. And they will, once they get that little gun out of her hands. Hell, maybe she could keep it. She is sexy even when she threatens their lives.

They found her and now they’re gonna mate her… as soon as they take care of the powerful five families threatening to take Lorelei from them. Blood may be involved. Sucks to be those guys.

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