Friday, February 20, 2015

Romance Book Review: The Coulter Brothers

A friend passed the word on about this book series by Rachel Hanna which sparked a who discussion on e-book editing. The simple fact is everyone needs an editor, especially me, but do we decide that a book is no good because the editing is bad. Judging from the results of these books on Amazon the answer to the question is no. I tend to agree. In the case of this series, the author many times confused the names of the characters. It was a little distracting during the read, especially by Book 3 when I had seen it too many times to count. 

However, this series is generally well written, I like the country voice in the first book, Lost and Found. By the third book the voice changed to a more modern set and the characters flowed together really well. 

I will say with all the stories I would like to see more character development and more relationship building throughout the story, but they are what the are...short, reads at an inexpensive price with typo-os and a need for a better editor not withstanding I can still give them a pretty fair rating, not the highest, however if you are look for a fun read check this series out. 

Lost And Found 
The Coulter Brothers Book 1

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If you love romance cowboy books, this is a great series for you! 

When big-city girl Audrey wakes up on the cold, front porch of a working ranch, she’s got lots of questions. But before she can answer them, she’s greeted by three handsome brothers — cowboys — and their Ma, complete with a warm feast and a welcoming smile. 

Following the doctor’s orders to stay put for a few days, Audrey makes herself useful around the ranch; baling hay and hunting for coyotes. But the cowboys, one handsome one in particular, want to get to the bottom of her story. 

Can she trust these people she just met? And what she’s about to reveal is a dark past she’s trying to escape. Will the ranch be the future she’s looking for, or can she turn back to her flashy, city-sicker lifestyle?

Breaking Away
The Coulter Brothers Book 2

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If you love romance cowboy books, this is the series for you! 

Jace Coulter looks like a cowboy but he certainly doesn't feel like one. As the middle brother at the Coulter ranch in Wolf, Wyoming he's been groomed to become the business manager. He's resigned to his fate until feisty Kelsey Harper drops into his life. 

A tough-as-nails lawyer, Kelsey might be just what he needs to turn his life around. It may not be the right time for romance, though. The Coulter ranch is in big trouble and Kelsey is the only one with the know-how to save them. 

But Gage and Riley aren't onboard with her plan and time is running out. Can Jace win her heart and convince his brothers to accept her before it's too late?

Night and Day
The Coulter Brothers Book 3

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This is book 3 of The Coulter Brothers Cowboy Romance Series. Check out books 1 and 2 also. 

With the Coulter ranch in serious trouble, free-spirited Riley is being forced to grow up and fast. 

When he and Sam have a drunken fling one night, he’s had just about enough of his womanizing ways. He’s tired of always kicking women out of bed and enduring awkward mornings. 

But when Sam gets pregnant, Riley isn’t sure he can handle the responsibility. His reaction almost drives Sam away forever. It’s up to Riley to come through and be the man he’s always meant to be and love the woman he’s always meant to be with.

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