Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Romance Book Review: Finding Happy

Author: Zanne Sweeney
Series Connection: Happy Montana
ISBN: 0692341889
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Motorcycle Club Romance
Publisher: author published

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Breezy thought she had a great marriage until one shattering moment changed her world entirely. The man she had been married to for 20 years, turned out to be a cheater and suddenly everyone was telling her she should forgive him, even her two daughters. 

Escaping to clear her head, Breezy takes a long driving trip and ends up in Happy, Montana where she rents a cabin in the hills. There she meets the head of a motorcycle club, Tank, and his Game Warden brother, Toby. While Breezy finds friendship and someone to talk to she begins to heal. Soon she is ready to take the next step with Toby, only to quickly an emergency sends her back to New Jersey and her relationship with Toby a mess.

Breezy returns to Happy, Montana with another big change in her life and someone out to harm her. 

This is generally a good read with a really good story line. The author has a good voice, but unfortunately it takes a step back with poor editing, including dozens of type-os and a slip of a name change in the middle of the story. If you aren't one to worry over a few type-os than you might really enjoy this book. It is the beginning of a series, with Toby's brother Tank being the subject of the next book that has just been released this month. 

Twenty three year old Breezy Lockhardt Vinchellie skipped right over the ‘falling in love’ stage of dating, and right into a marriage that she was not prepared for. Like many women, it’s easier to avoid disagreements and just ‘do.’ So that’s what Breezy did, and she did it well. She raised two wonderful children, always putting the needs of her family ahead of her own. It was what was easiest and it was also what was expected. 

Twenty years later has Breezy finally found happiness? Her life is simpler, her job is rewarding, her daughters are enjoying college life, and her husband is more attentive to her than ever before. Life is good; until Breezy discovers a well-kept secret that turns her world upside down. 

Her life is in shambles until two gorgeous, sexy brothers reawaken the passionate and resilient women Breezy once was.

This is the first novel in the Happy, Montana series. I hope you fall in love with all the characters of this small rural town, starting with Toby and Tank O’Brian, brothers who could not be more different, except they may want the same woman. This book has it all: adventure, heartache, hope, angst, love, and sizzling passion.

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