Monday, March 23, 2015

Romance Book Review: Georgette St. Claire's My Heart Laid Bear

Author: Georgette St. Claire
Series Connection: Blue Moon Junction
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werebear Romance, Shifter Romance
Publisher: Georgette St. Claire

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Clover is a bear shifter, whose family has a less than socially acceptable background. Rushing to the aide of her family, she takes in her young siblings and again rushes to the aide of another sibling member and moves back to her hometown. Only wanting to help her younger sister, Clover approaches bear shifter Sam McCoy about his brother who has gotten her sister pregnant. She remembers Sam from her youth and knows him to be arrogant and sexy as hell, but that isn't going to stop her from pounding him to the ground for what he's done to her sister.

Sam is immediately smitten with Clover. He wants her for himself but he knows if he tells her why he stopped the wedding between his siblings, she just get more mad at him. Instead he offers her a job and hopes for the chance to get to know her.

Within the first chapter I was hooked especially after this paragraph:

"Well, that was in the past. He’d grown up to be the arrogant furball who’d arrested numerous members of her family over the years and run them out of town until there were no Jones left here. Even worse, he thought that her sister wasn’t good enough to marry one of the wealthy McCoys. Well, too damn bad. Her sister was eight weeks pregnant, and that bastard Jeffrey was going to do right by her, or her name wasn’t Clover Lulabelle Movie Star Windwalker Jones. Which, unfortunately, it was."

Georgette St. Claire's books are generally short, but a good afternoon read. This latest in the Blue Moon Junction series fits in with the others in this series offering a smart mouth heroine and a ruggedly handsome male lead along with a quick sexy, humor filled story. 

Bear shifter Clover is steaming mad and ready to be fitted with a new pair of bear skin boots. How dare the sexy head of security for the McCoy clan forbid her younger sister from marrying his brother? His brother knocked the girl up and he’s going to do right by her, or her name isn’t Clover Lulabelle Movie Star Windwalker Jones – which, unfortunately, it is. (Her parents were hippies.) 

His. Clover is hotheaded, impulsive, demanding – and she’s his. Sam McCoy knows it the second he lays eyes on her. Sure, he’s arrested most of the members of her family at one time or another, and now she’s blaming him for ruining her younger sister’s life – details, right? 

Sam has a secret weapon – he gets her a marketing job at his family’s jelly and jam factory, which will help her retain custody of her brother and sisters. Late nights at the office and some sexy honey samplings lead to even sexier times, and the possibility of a future – until Clover’s past comes back to haunt her and threatens to tear apart the family she’s fought to save.

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