Sunday, March 15, 2015

Romance Book Review: Milly Taiden's The Mate Challenge

Author: Milly Taiden
Series Connection: Sassy Mates Book 4 ~ Emma and Mason
Genre: Erotic Romance, Shifter Romance, Werewolf Romance, Vampire
Publisher: Latin Goddess Press

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As with all the other Sassy Mates, Mate Challenge begins with the same evening where we find out the Emma has set her friends up to be mated with the help of her friend Ellie and Ellie mom Barbara. She's tired of them being stubborn. But readers soon learn the Emma is being stubborn herself.

Mason marked Emma months before when he met her and learned she was his mate. They've been sort of dating during all that time, but Emma can't commit until Mason realizes that he can't control her every move. Mason can't seem to help but want to protect Emma, especially since she spends too much time putting herself in danger.

When a teenager goes missing Emma goes on the hunt for her, meeting a vampire and working against time in hopes of finding the girl alive.

With the fight still continuing within the neighboring pack in the background story, Mate Challenge adds a whole new set of characters to the story that I'm hoping will continue as the story moves into the fifth book. I particularly like the sexy vamp and am wondering if she has a new "pet" in her future.

If I had to share one thing that I wasn't crazy about with this book it would be that there was a wee bit too much sex in the story, although I have to say that Mason's on going monologue during those scenes certainly made for some hot reading.

Emma Ferro wants nothing more than to accept Mason Wolfe’s offer to be his mate. He’s wild, sexy and can do things with his tongue that should be illegal. But Mason is also overwhelming her with his need to protect and keep her out of trouble. He needs to live and let live. It’s not like she’s killed anyone...yet. Until he learns she’s an independent woman, he’s going to stay waiting. 

Mason Wolfe has a problem of the short, sassy and curvy kind. Every time he leaves Emma alone, he knows she’s going to get into trouble. It’s getting to the point he’s ready to slap a tracker on her butt just to keep his sanity. He’s busy holding down the pack, helping with fighting new rogues and a secondary threat that’s come to town. 

When Emma goes searching for a missing girl, she finds a lot more going on in Blue Creek than even the biggest shifters are aware of. With the help of the least likely person, she’ll put herself on the line in order to save the ones she loves. Mason will have to find a way to help Emma or face losing her forever. 

Reader Note: This book contains wild and growly sex (the hot and sweaty kind), adult language (dirty talk is our middle name), and violence. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you like a domineering wolf on a mouthy curvy girl, then this is right up your alley. Enjoy!

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