Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Romance Book Review: Michele Bardsley The Shadow Pack Rules

Author: Michele Bardsley 
ISBN-13: 978-1505383485
Series Connection: An Alpha Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werewolf Romance, Shifter Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Freeman Publication

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Arabelle was supposed to have a very different life. She was born just six minutes after her sister but that meant that she was the second sister not the first. In her world that meant she was free to live her life. All first daughters in Arabelle's generation were already promised to the local werewolf pack.

It didn't turn out that way for Arabelle, when her sister died that meant that all Arabelle's dreams were taken away from her. To honor her family and her community Arabelle must now participate in the "Choosing".

When the alpha chooses Arabelle as his mate Arabelle must face a lot of changes in her life including falling in chance of falling in love with her new mate.

Despite a few typos here and there this book offers a well rounded paranormal romance featuring everything from hot love scenes to a good fight.

This version of the book is published in a serial version and includes:
1. Chosen by the Alpha
2. Taken by the Alpha
3. Ruled by the Alpha
4. Rescued by the Alpha
5. Loved by the Alpha 

An Alpha Werewolf Shifter Paranormal Romance Novel 

By New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Michele Bardsley 

Every 20 years, the Shadow Pack arrives in the small desert community of Bleed City, Nevada. To honor the pact made 150 years ago with the werewolves, the town offers up their eldest daughters for the Choosing--a ceremony where the shifters pick their virgin brides. 

Like most werewolf packs, the Shadows need human females for mating and breeding so they can replenish their werewolf bloodlines. Arabelle Winton considers the entire process somewhat barbaric, but as the oldest female in her family, she must take her place among the other women. What she doesn't expect is to catch the interest of Alpha Greyson Burke. 

Yes, Grey can have her body any way he wants... but Belle will never give her heart to a werewolf.

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