Thursday, June 25, 2015

Romance Book Review: Maya Banks' Safe At Last

Author: Maya Banks
Series Connection: Slow Burn Novel
ISBN: 978-0062312501
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Avon

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Security expert Zack Covington protects and rescues people for a living, but he still remembers the girl he loved who walked away 12 years ago. When he finds her again while on a job Zack can't believe his eyes, but his long lost love is so scared of him and keeps talking about his betrayal that Zack can't get close enough to find out what she's talking about.

Anna-Grace Hill is about to finally turn a corner and get on with her life after 12 years of living in the past and hating her ex for his betrayal. She has made a good friend who is helping her with her first big art show, but when she walks into the gallery where her art is displayed she walks right in on her past and she is completely terrified to see the man who she believes wants her dead--Zack.

All isn't as it seems, but before the two get to work out their problems someone from Zack's past leaves a battered and bruised Anna-Grace for dead on his door step and now she trusts him even less. Can Zack gain back Anna-Grace's trust before those that want to use her to get back at Zack and his partners kill Anna-Grace or someone else they love.

I jumped at the chance when I found Maya Banks' new book even though I had missed book one and two in the series. I do that a lot and if I feel I liked book enough I might purchase the earlier books to read them. Generally you can get enough information throughout the book to tell the story. With this book, I kind of caught on, but I think to really understand why the bad guys want to ruin the DSS team you have to read books one and two first. That being said I did get the general gist of this story.

In some ways this book deviates from Maya Banks usual books. While there is a hot love scene at the end of the book it doesn't take on the author's usual hot, hotness, but works well with the story as this is truly a love story.

The heroine is a little too fragile for my taste, but the hero's sensitive side will knock your socks off. I loved his character through and through. As for the Anna-Grace--I wanted to bang her upside the head a few times and just get her to talk to Zack and tell him what happened already.

Another well done part of the book is supporting characters Wade and Eliza. Unfortunately it seems this was only a three book series and this was the last book. Maybe Maya Banks will bring Wade and Eliza back in another series sometime in the future.

The third book in the beloved #1 bestselling author's sexy, romantic suspense Slow Burn series…
They say young love doesn't last, but a girl from the wrong side of the tracks with unique abilities and the hometown golden boy were determined to defy the odds. 

For Zack Covington, Anna-Grace—his "Gracie"—was the one. Until one night forever alters the course of their future, when a devastated Gracie disappears without a trace, leaving Zack to agonize over what happened to the girl he loved. As the years pass, his desperate efforts to find her uncovered nothing.

Now working for Devereaux Security, he stumbles across a painting featuring a special place only he and Gracie would know. The image is too perfectly rendered for it to be coincidence. His Gracie must be alive. When he finally tracks her down, he is shocked—and heart-broken—to discover the wounded shell of the girl he once knew and still loves. Her psychic gifts are gone, and worse, she believes he betrayed her all those years ago.

Zack has enemies, and once his weakness is discovered, Gracie becomes a target for revenge. He'll have to save her before he can earn her trust and her love. And he vows they'll never be torn apart again.

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