Monday, August 10, 2015

Romance Book Review: Eris Sage's Fever The Complete Collection

Author: Eris Sage
Series Connection: Order of the Alphas
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance, Erotic Romance

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As an alpha Michael is used to being the one everyone yields to, but since he met Aiden six years ago she has never backed down from him. This makes him uneasy and something else he can't put his finger on. While she isn't his type at all, he can't help the attraction he feels toward her.

When Aiden is attacked Michael runs to be by her side and protect her, whether Aiden wants him too or not. When her attack turns out to be something worse than a simple mugging, Michael knows he must claim Aiden as his mate or lose her forever.

Aiden can't believe that she's finally with the man she's lusted over for years, but she can't stand the fact that he's only claiming her out of misplaced loyalty and since shifter mate for life, she can't help but worry that Michael will be sorry for making a rash decision.

This is a serial of three book that has been put together into one collection, however be warned that while this story ends with a HEA for Michael and Aiden it does continue with the underlying mystery.

As for this story be prepared for some very erotic scenes as Michael and Aiden navigate their way in their relationship. I wish these two made a love match, but really Michael seems to spend a great deal of the book doing the honorable thing and his shift to wanting to make a go of there relationship doesn't seem to have any reason. I might have liked to see more time away from the bedroom scenes and more time with the two getting to really know each other.

That being said the story line did keep my attention and I liked Aiden's character a lot. So I can give it some credit for generally being well written and good suspense. I'd take a chance and read the next part of the series to see where the background story leads.

Michael Freiheit is a billionaire CEO who just so happens to be a wolf shifter. As a member of the sacred Order of Alphas and Alpha of his own pack, he’s charged with protecting shifters and humans alike, and his authority is unquestioned by all under his command. 

Except for Aiden Walsh, that is… 

The curvy human doesn’t even know that shifters exist, yet she has an infuriating habit of challenging him at every turn. But when a new and potentially deadly danger arises, Michael will have to put his feelings aside if he’s to save Aiden, the aggravating human who he discovers is his most unlikely mate.

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