Sunday, August 2, 2015

Romance Book Review: T.S. Joyce's Grey Back Bad Bear

Author: T.S. Joyce
Series Connection: Grey Back Bears
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance, Bear Shifter Romance

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As a child Willa and her friends agreed to spend a week together after they graduated from college. So much has happened since then, Willa didn't have much in common with the three bombshells she grew up with. Now sitting in a bar in the mountains, she can't believe that she didn't realize the reason she wasn't sitting on a beach with a tropical drink was because this town was filled with shifters. Shifters that her girl friends wanted to nothing more than to have hot and sweaty sex with and then move on with their lives. 

That wasn't what Willa wanted at all. She was still a virgin with a capital "V".

That is until she meets bear shifter Matt. Keeping strictly to the friend category, Matt and Willa begin spending time together and it isn't long before Matt realizes that all his playboy days are behind him and he's met his mate, but now he has to convince both Willa and his crew of bear shifter lumberjack buddies that his mate belongs by his side. 

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time while reading a romance. Willa is a gutsy, smart-mouthed person who blends perfectly with Matt. The couple works well together. I also didn't mind the shortness of the book, this time, because it worked well to introduce the characters and gave enough time to speak pull the couple together and was believable they would be able to make the HEA. 

Matt Barns is on a mission. The goal of this mission? Find a mate before his broken bear drives him into madness. He knows exactly what he’s looking for, but when his bear finally settles for a mate, she dumps his world upside down. She’s funny, sure, but other than that, she’s not his type in any way. Or so he thought, because Willa is breaking down his walls and opening his eyes to a new life he thought he might never find. 

Willamena Madden: smart-mouthed, fun-loving, loyal-to-a-fault, proud nerd and fragile human. She’s also somehow become the potential mate to a grizzly shifter. A shifter? She feels sorry for the critters and wishes humans would leave them alone, but Matt is proving he doesn’t need her pity. He’s a sexy, scarred up, growly beast-man, and she’s thinking he could be the one to finally take her V-card. But Matt’s hot and cold, and one of her friends is after a bucket-list werebear diddle with the man Willa’s falling for. And if that isn’t stressful enough, Matt’s Gray Back Crew is a loosely knit community of maniacs. 

Matt feels important, but Willa has never been in more danger. If she can’t find a way to survive his people, she’ll have to go back to her safe life without her Gray Back Bad Bear. 

**Brand new series from T.S. Joyce. Can be read as a standalone series. No cliff-hangers. Just a crew of lumberjack bad-a bear shifters, and the women strong enough to love them.** 

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