Sunday, October 18, 2015

Romance Book Review: Mary Jane Morgan's Coming Home

Author: Mary Jane Morgan
Series Connection: Crystal Springs Homecoming
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Amazon Digital

Purchase Link: Amazon

Matt Richardson moves to small town Crystal Springs to help his brother build his dude ranch and in hopes of helping his daughter heal from the death of her mother. Matt is extremely protective over his young daughter and forbids her to go back to horse riding because it is too dangerous as far as he is concerned. 

But Chloe loves horse riding and seeing that she is miserable without her favorite hobby, Matt's mother takes matters into her own hands and signs up Chloe for riding lessons behind Matt's back at Francie Bennett's horse ranch. When Matt's mother breaks her leg at the ranch, Matt becomes even more protective, but soon he's convinced against his better judgement to allow Chloe to continue her lessons. With one condition, he has to be with her when she is taking her lessons. 

Unfortunately, that means he has to also spend more time with Chloe's instructor Francie. So far the two haven't hit it off real well.

Francie Bennett needed to come home from college to not only help her parents when her father becomes ill, but become she finds herself pregnant after her cheating ex-boyfriend leaves her. Now with a new plan to prove herself after making the big mistake of her life, Francie doesn't see herself having time for a man in her life. 

Feeling their way through their growing relationship, Francie and Matt come against some challenges that threaten their happily ever after. 

An emotional contemporary romance, this story runs slow a few times throughout the story, but a good story so keep reading. Both Francie and Matt have a lot to work out before they find the HEA. 

When Francie Bennett’s father is diagnosed with dementia and she discovers she’s pregnant by her cheating ex-boyfriend, she leaves college to help take care of her ailing father and have her baby. 

Matt Richardson lost his father and wife to preventable accidents and will do whatever it takes to keep his daughter safe, even forbidding her life’s passion—riding horses. When his mother sneaks Chloe to a riding lesson, Matt feels like he’s lost control, and there’s nothing he hates worse. 

Eventually, Matt gives in and allows Chloe to take riding lessons but only under one condition: he’s always there. Unfortunately, nothing has ever affected his feeling of being out of control worse than falling for the fiery, red-haired riding instructor whose life revolves around horses. 

As her father worsens and her due date nears, Francie is determined to prove she can handle everything by herself, even if that means keeping the man she cares about at a distance. But when Francie’s life takes a dangerous turn, will she let Matt in and allow him to help her? And will the power of love be strong enough for Matt to finally overcome his deepest fears?

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