Sunday, November 22, 2015

Romance Book Review: Alyse Zaftig's An Heir for the Billionaire Werebears

Author: Alyse Zaftig
Genre: BBW Romance, Paranormal Shifter Romance, Erotic Romance, Menage Romance

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Down on her luck to the point of being evicted from her apartment and no money to continue school, Zeva meets a twin brothers with a proposition that could help her, all she has to do is move in with them and have their child. 

Not something you hear everyday, but Zeva takes them up on their offer.

This could be a good story with a little extra work, but it seemed a little abrupt and was written "tell" a story instead of "showing" it. That's just fine for some people, but I would have liked a little more description of the characters and would have loved for Zeva to ask a few more questions before jumping into a situation before she knew what these two "werebears" was. 

That being said the story had a lot of potential. There was a good strong base for erotic romance, good scenes in that respect and the overall story theme worked well. 

For the most part it was a good, short read with a lot of fun loving. 

A curvy girl down on her luck + two billionaire bear shifters + one evil cousin = a thrilling, steamy ride! 

When Zeva leaves her school heartbroken because she can't afford to be in college any more, she runs into a complete stranger. She has no clue that Asher is about to change her life. 

Asher and Xavier are the heads of the local sleuth of bears. They have to produce an heir within the next two years or lose it all. 

Can Zeva help them, or will Asher and Xavier's evil cousin ruin everything in his quest for power? 

Note: If you have ever had a miscarriage, please note that the story does include one.

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