Saturday, November 14, 2015

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle's You're Kitten Me

Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Tiger Tails
ISBN: 9781680399707
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance, WereTiger Romance, WereWolf Romance

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With the DoPE on her wolfy butt, Ronnie father sends her back to the pride her best friend belongs to and the man that could be her mate. Ronnie tried everything to keep away, but when her father, the National Wolf Alpha, makes up his mind there is no changing it. 

It doesn't take long before the DoPE finds her and puts not only Ronnie in danger, but also her mate.

Braden doesn't know how he would ever be able to take Ronnie as his mate. After all he's an 800 pound tiger and she's just a little wolf. He's not sure how they would ever get through the tugging tail tradition to be fully bound. But as the threat of the DoPE continues over their heads, Ronnie and Braden can't stay away and will do anything to be together, even not fully mate.

Once again Celia Kyle pulls her story together with laughter, great romance and sharp tongues. I already liked Ronnie in the first book of the series "Fast and the Furriest". She came to the rescue when her best friend sounded in distress over the phone. Braden is the strong Beta, but all alpha, who doesn't want to lead and would rather be all the muscle when needed. 

This story is fast based and quick on whit and charm. It can be read alone, but you'll want to check out the first in the series to learn the story of the tigers and why it is so important to "pull their tails". 

Want to mate a wolf? It’s easy. Just make him—er, her—howl.

Braden, the second in the national weretiger pride, put Veronica on a plane back to wolf lands for her own protection. With DoPE—the Department of Paraphysical Entities—secretly determined to control shifters through any means necessary, he needed her out of harm’s way. Especially since “any means necessary” includes the forced mating of the daughters of alphas to humans of DoPE’s choice.

But going home didn’t keep Veronica safe—DoPE still went after her—so now she’s back in Wilden… Back with him. With her so close, her delicious scent calling to him, taunting and teasing him at every turn, he’s not sure he can resist the curvaceous, delicious Veronica much longer. Screw it. He can’t. He wants her and he’ll figure out a way to have her—even if he is a tiger and she’s a wolf.

Except DoPE hasn’t given up. They have new tricks up their sleeves—deadly ones—and they’re resolute to test them on Braden. Can he survive their tactics and keep Veronica safe?

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