Friday, January 29, 2016

Romance Book Review: Melanie Shawn's Hope Falls Series Bundle: Vol. 2

Author: Melanie Shawn
Series Connection: Hope Falls Series Bundle: Vol. 2, Books 4-8 (#1 Snow Angel, #2 Snow Days, #3 Snowed In, #4 Let It Snow)
Genre: Contemporary Series Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Red Hot Reads

Purchase Link: Amazon

Spent the last week reading the next installment of the Hope Falls Series by Melanie Shawn. This series bundle feature the Maguire siblings, Eric, Amy, Nikki and Jake and how they find their happier ever after. This series includes Let It Snow, Jake and Tessa's, story. Within these four books, Eric and Lily's story is my favorite adding a little action with all the love going on. 

Snow Days features Amy and Matt's story bringing a lot of emotion to the series as Matt works on dealing the the loss of his wife and moving on and finding love with Amy. 

And Nikki's story matches her with one of People's sexiest men and an ex who doesn't want to let him go. 

Those who like series romance will enjoy this series set in small town California Sierra Mountains.  

Book #1: Snow Angel 
He is looking towards the future… 
Newly appointed Chief of Police Eric Maguire is sexy, single, and not ready to mingle. Tired of casual hook-ups and meaningless affairs, Eric is ready for something real. When a mysterious dark-haired beauty moves in next door, Eric knows he’s found exactly what he’s been missing. 
She is running from her past… 

Lily Sotelo just got the break of a lifetime choreographing for pop star Karina Black’s winter tour. As important as it is that she does an amazing job, it’s equally as important that she remains anonymous. Which shouldn’t be a problem. She’s spent the last ten years on the move, never letting anyone get too close. Until now. Her new neighbor is as persistent as he is sexy and is making Lily want things she knows she can’t have. 

Book #2: Snow Days 
She wanted to feel pleasure… 
After twenty-nine years, high school English teacher Amy Maguire realizes something is missing in her life…passion. Always one to tackle a problem head on, Amy makes a plan to remedy her situation. Phase One: find a suitable candidate. Phase Two: experience passion. Simple. Right? Except after countless dates she hasn’t once felt that spark, that chemistry. That is until the sexy new History teacher walks into her classroom… 

He wanted to forget pain… 
Matt Kellan knows he’ll never love again. After tragically losing his wife five years ago, Matt has been in a holding pattern. Every woman he meets wants to fill a void that he knows will never be filled. Until he meets Amy. Her quest to find fulfillment has nothing to do with letting her into his heart…just his bed. 
Passion brought them together. Love may drive them apart. 

Book #3: Snowed In 
The Free-Spirit… 
Nikki Maguire does what she wants, says what she wants, and lives by her own set of rules. She is an intoxicating combination of beauty, sex-appeal and sharp wit that men find irresistible. Unfortunately for them, none have ever come close to holding Nikki’s attention, and settling down is not even on her radar. 

The Politician… 
Sexy Senator Michael Gowan lives under a microscope. As a man of power and influence, he always has to do and say the right thing. Every move he makes is heavily scrutinized. After being named one of People’s 100 Most Beautiful People and landing on countless Most Eligible Bachelor lists, the spotlight on his personal life has never been more intense. But Mike has no interest in love...he doesn’t even believe it exists. 

The Stormy Night… 
Grounded by a snowstorm, they share an anonymous night of passion and connection, both finding what their souls have been missing. But in the light of day, will the illicit high-stakes world of politics cause Nikki to deny her feelings or can Mike convince her that the only place she belongs is with him? 
When the world is against them, will their unlikely love endure? 

Book #4: Let It Snow 
Thirteen years ago…his world fell apart after his soul mate left him in the middle of an unforeseen tragedy that would bind them together forever. Ever since, sexy Fireman Jake Maguire busied himself by putting out fires in buildings and starting them in women, all in an attempt to extinguish the fire she set off in him all those years ago. 

Thirteen years ago…she made the hardest decision of her life. For every tear, every heartache, Tessa Hayes reminded herself that she made that sacrifice out of love. Sweet, caring Tessa always put the interests of others before her own, no matter what the cost. 

She sacrificed her heart for his life. He lived without living. Now they had the chance to mend their broken hearts together...but would Tessa and Jake have the courage to do it?

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