Sunday, March 20, 2016

Romance Book Review: Zoe Chant's The Billionaire Dragon Shifter's Baby

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Author: Zoe Chant
Series Connection: Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters
Genre: BBW Romance, Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance, Dragon Shifter Romance
Publisher: Kindle

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Tired and burned out social worker Amy is on her last hour before she takes leave from her demanding and emotional job. She makes one more stop to a foster family house to check on a baby placed in the family's custody. Expecting this will be the last time she sees this particular child before she is placed further into the system and eventually adoption, she receives the call from the baby's father that she hoped for, but is this just a fairytale or is a chance of a lifetime.

Dragon shifter Teo "Teddy" Gray doesn't have any idea he's a father. When he gets back from a long vacation and finally turns on his phone he hears the news and hopes he isn't too late to get his to daughter. What he finds when he meets his little girl and the woman who has been taking care of her is more than he could have asked for.

This is not your normal playboy billionaire and unknown baby story. Teddy is not the playboy you would expect, which really makes the book stand out in the crowd. This is book 5 of the Gray's Hollow Dragon Shifters series. You don't need to read the other books to understand this novella, but you may want to just to check out the other sexy dragon shifters.

A curvy social worker in need of a break + a carefree dragon shifter + a baby dragon who needs her father = one hot and heartwarming romance!

Amy McCullough has to handle just one last case before she takes some much-needed leave from her stressful job as a social worker. But when she finally gets the call from a baby's missing father, Amy's the one who gets a fairy tale ending. The man she's been searching for turns out to be her childhood crush, Teddy Gray--and now that they're both adults, the pull between them is all grown up and impossible to deny.

Teo Gray was a carefree dragon living the billionaire playboy life until he got a phone call that changed everything. In one night he met the daughter he didn't know he had and the mate he never thought he would find. He's determined to step up and be the father Sophia needs and the mate Amy deserves, but can he change his ways quickly enough to keep them both?

The Billionaire Dragon Shifter's Baby is a standalone BBW dragon shifter romance. No cliffhangers!

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