Sunday, June 5, 2016

Romance Book Review: Celia Kyle's Kozav

Author: Celia Kyle, Erin Tate
Series Connection: Dragons of Preor
Genre: Scifi Alien Romance, Shifter Romance, Dragon Romance

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Kozav is a Primary Warrior on the Preor ship. He and a group of his men are injured and sent to a hospital on earth, but none of the doctors want to work on them and leave them for dead. 

When nurse Grace Hall arrives at work, she sees the Preors and immediately gets to work trying to repair the damage. Unaware that she is being fed information from the Preor's mating experience, she is able to help all the aliens until their own healers arrive. 

When Kozav wakes from his injuries back on the ship he realizes something is different and the "knowing" kicks in. He knows that sometime while he was unconsious he met his mate, now all he has to do is find her. 

When he finally does, he finds that helping his men has cause her health issues and takes her back to his ship where his healers can help her. But when she wakes all Grace can think about is the fact that she has obligations back at home. 

It doesn't help that not everyone on the Preor ship is happy that yet another human mate has been found. It seems Kozav and Grace have a lot to work out before that can have their HEA. 

This story had all the elements of one of Celia Kyle's entertaining stories, but something is holding me back from giving it a "5 Heart" review. I liked Grace and the fact that she has so much going on in her young life and just plows forward to make the best of everything. She has two jobs and takes care of her mother at all costs. 

She is a very independent woman and that certainly makes her very different from the kind of woman, Kozav sees himself with. I don't really think the story had a chance to touch on that very important issue. Compromise is talked about, but with the current situation on the ship, I can't really see this as a place where Grace would thrive, which makes me think she would be very unhappy in that situation. Making this couple not so compatible. 

That said, it is a good read and an interesting addition to the series, where the author goes into more detail about earth before the aliens came. 

Kozav found his mate and then he lost her. Now it’s time to hunt… 

Grace Hall is a nurse, not a doctor. But when five Preor warriors are brought to the emergency room and the doctors won't touch the aliens, she steps forward. One warrior draws her more than the others. His teal wings, muscular body, and pain-glazed eyes have her torn between two desires — needing his touch and desperation to heal him. She’s going to save the Preor males, even if it kills her. When she loses consciousness after healing them, she realizes it just might. 

Kozav sen Aghin, Primary Warrior of the Preor Third Fleet, wakes on the Preor battleship fully healed yet plagued by a feeling that something is wrong. And something is… Kozav's mate was left behind on Earth—alone and unprotected. Unacceptable. Kozav's guilt for his actions in the past still plague him and he is determined not to fail again. The curvaceous, green-eyed, dark haired human female is his to protect, his to claim and his to keep. 

When someone attempts to murder Grace, Kozav is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Even if it means killing one of his own. Or will it be Kozav with a sword through his chest? 

Part of the "DRAGONS OF PREOR" series: 

Rendan *coming soon*

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