Friday, September 30, 2016

Romance Book Review: Gen Gericault's Polar Night

Polar Night 
Series Connection: Polar Point
Author: Gen Gericault
Genre: Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance

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After being held captive by a sadistic bear shift on an island in Alaska, Tamsin escapes from his hold and is able to secure a ride off the island. Unfortunately she fall asleep on the plan and is drop off far in the north part of Alaska just at the darkest days of the year. 

Tamsin can't believe her luck up until three months ago she had no idea shifters or anything existed and out in the middle of nowhere, Tamsin is found by a witch and a small group of shifters and given shelter. Scared to death she has no escape. 

Polar bear shifter, Fisher, has come to north Polar Point for refuge. He is an alpha shifter in a small band of shifters that need him to lead, but he with his tragic past he doesn't have it in himself to help. That is until he finds a frightened Tamsin in his small community. 

Fisher knows that Tamsin is special, but if she's frightened of him, he knows it is best to offer his protection and stay as far away as possible. Unfortunately, while the group thinks they are protected, there is another group that is ready to descend on them to take Tamsin back. 

Polar Point has the makings of a good series. Taking place in Northern Alaska where secret shifter rule the wilds, the scenery is as much a part of the story as the characters. Author Gen Gericault does a wonderful job at world building throughout the story. Her characters all take on a life of their own and I will enjoy the chance to continue on in the series and to see more about them. 

There is still a lot of mystery and suspense going on in this series, so while this book has a HEA, there a still a lot of questions to be answered in future editions of the series. 

The Heart Points North

Tamsin Norwood just wanted to study the eagles on Kodiak. Now, her life depends on her getting far, far away from the island and the madman who took her captive. Fate conspires, leading her to a magically concealed safe haven in Arctic Alaska.

The denizens of Polar Point are as complicated as they are fierce. From the wise old witch to the playful wolf and the snarky tiger, the secret community both baffles and intrigues Tamsin. But one resident in particular makes her question her very human instincts. 

Polar bear shifter Fisher Frost never wanted another sleuth. Not after the tragedy that befell his family. Wild polar bears have it right: it's better to hunt alone. Alone means safe. Alone means steady. Alone means never losing another piece of himself. Fisher's resolve wavers when the dawn of polar night brings his true mate.

During the longest, coldest Alaskan nights, Fisher and Tamsin warm to one another. But can she melt this frozen bear? Will they survive the twists and turns fate has prepared for them?

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