Friday, September 9, 2016

Romance Book Review: Ronin Winters' Iron

Series Connection: Blue Collar Wolves; Mating Season Collection
Author: Ronin Winters 
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Werewolf/Shifter Romance
Publisher: Romantic Geek Publishing

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Werewolf Iron knows exactly who his true mate is and has since first grade, but he has decided he's not doing anything about it. He loves her that much. She a doctor, she has a bright shining future ahead of her. Bella doesn't need a blue collar bar owner, she needs so much more. 

Bella has had enough waiting on Iron to make a move. He's either going to mate her tonight or she will move on with her life. She's determined to get her man, but can Iron let everything go and take the woman he loves. 

A little crude in the language department, but good character development for a novella with a large erotic theme. Getting a small taste of some of the other characters in the Blue Collar Wolves series will make you want to read on. 

Not many wolves have known their true mate since first grade, let alone spent years fighting every instinct to claim them, but Iron has his reasons. Sexy, sophisticated Doctor Isabella Santiago is not meant for pack life. He’s protecting them both from a life of misery and crushed dreams, the type of life his parents had.

Bella, though, has her own idea about what’s best for her, and she’s done letting her werewolf dictate their relationship. This Mating Season she’s going to test Iron’s control, because while Iron may never break, she’s going to do everything possible to make him bend.

*** This Werewolf Shifter BBW story is complete and total down to the HEA! Enjoy the read!

The mating moon is rising… 

Wherever that silver light touches, lone male werewolves are seized by the urge to find their mates. Join these six packs of growly alpha males (with six-packs!) as they seek out the smart, sassy women who are strong enough to claim them forever. 

The “Mating Season” werewolf shifter novellas are brought to you by six authors following the adventures of six different packs. Each novella is the story of a mated pair (or trio!) with their Happily Ever After. Enjoy the run!

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