Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Romance Book Review: Eve Langlais' Legal Wolf's Mate

Legal Wolf's Mate 
Author: Eve Langlais
ISBN: 9781466890947
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werewolf Romance, Shifter Romance
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

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Megan is accused of killing her boss, but she didn't do it. The only problem is the cops say all their evidence points to her and her lawyer wants her to take a deal. When Megan meets a stranger who tells her he can get her a lawyer who will help prove her innocence, she has no choice but to go and see if he can really help. But just one minute in his company and she is already having second thoughts. 

Werewolf Gavin opened his office door and found that the one woman who could be his perfect mate is also being charged with murder. He didn't want this case in the first place, but now he has to fight even harder than usual to make sure that Megan doesn't go to jail so she can be his.

But Gavin knows a frame up when he sees one and his job may be a lot harder then he thought. 

Several twists and turns in this paranormal legal drama romance. The very formal Gavin character is such a contrast from Megan character. I don't want to give up the story, but the ending twist in Megan's character could have gone a little smoother, it was just there all of a sudden. It actually made me not like Megan very much. 


In Eve Langlais's Legal Wolf’s Mate—previously published in the anthology Growl— taking on a pro bono murder case isn't a problem for a lawyer who enjoys a challenge. Discovering his new client is his mate? A tad more complicated. Gavin has no intention of settling down, especially not with a woman accused of murder. But the beautiful, fiery Megan has his blood boiling and his heart racing, and it doesn't take Gavin long to know that his fate is sealed...

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