Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Romance Book Review: Olivia Arran's Promised

Series Connection: True Mates; A Craggstone Paranormal Romance
Author: Olivia Arran
Genre: BBW Paranormal, Wolf Shifter Romance
Publisher: Arran Publishing

Purchase Link: Amazon

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Abused by her own pack and on the run, Kara runs to the closest bigger pack to hers asking for help, but before she can be accepted Kara runs into the man she’s running from. Eric has found her and he isn’t letting her go easy. 

James, alpha of the Colstone pack has finally met his true mate. The only problem is Kara’s running from her old pack and they aren’t ready to give her up. James has no problem fighting for his true mate, but after all Kara’s been through does she want to be his mate? 

Promised is the first in the True Mate series. While the story ends with a HEA, there is still an underlining story continuing with the series. 

This short story offers a strong sensitive hero with an equally strong, yet damaged, heroine. As the first in the series, Promised feature introductions to the characters in upcoming books and information the laws relating to the packs. 

The series can be purchased separately or in a series pack. 

She's fighting for her freedom...she never counted on finding her true mate.

Wolf Shifter Kara Smith is on the run from her old pack. Her only goal – to escape the man she has been promised to and live on her own terms. The problem is that her chosen protector – the Alpha of the Colstone Wolf Pack – is sexy as hell, making her wolf sit up and pant, begging for a taste. Definitely not part of her plan. 

Alpha James Colstone has given up any hope of finding his true mate, the other half of his soul…until sassy Kara walks through his door. Desperate to claim her, to touch and possess her gorgeous curves, he has to convince her he’s not only good for protection duty…that he can give her so much more. But Kara doesn’t trust easily anymore. What's more, her intended is hunting her – and he'll do anything to get her back. 

Will James' dominance scare Kara away...or will she learn that with the right man, true freedom lies in surrender?

**This book is intended for readers 18+ and comes complete with a HEA**

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