Thursday, February 23, 2017

Romance Byte: Ruth Anne Scott's Eblian Mates II

Eblian Mates II 
Series Connection: Complete Series (Books 1 - 3)
Author: Ruth Anne Scott
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

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WARNING: Not for the tame. This Trilogy Box Set will make you BLUSH! 

Book 1: The Alien's Baby 
Book 2: The Alien's Heat 
Book 3: The Alien's Family 

Life returns to normal on the planet Eblian, where four Earth women make their homes with their mates. Natalie Korman has a growing baby boy, and her friend Melanie is nine months pregnant. The night Amber gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, Natalie hurries to her side while the Eblian people celebrate the rebuilding of their population after the Toom traffickers abducted their women to sell at the gatherings. 

A shadow falls over their happiness, though, as day dawns and Star Destroyer Mixtidelin returns to Eblian with the fateful news: the Toom have been caught hanging around the planet. Are they planning another raid? The Eblian people would never recover another loss of their female population. The Eblians must scramble to defend their planet, but disaster lurks at every turn. Can the friends save their green “watermelon babies” and their new home from destruction before it’s too late? 

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