Saturday, July 8, 2017

Romance Book Review: Olivia Harp's Primal Bear

Title: Primal Bear
Author: Olivia Harp
Series Connection: Shadowlands Bear Shifters
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Bear Shifters

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Zoe decides it is time to take control of her life and make some changes. Moving from her home town, on her way to her new home she stops to camp in the mountains and meets a handsome ranger. When trouble finds her, it is the handsome ranger that comes to her aid, but there is more to the ranger than meets the eye. 

Damien and his crew stand between people and the Shadowland creatures. When he is out on patrol, Damien meets Zoe and immediately his bear realizes that Zoe is his mate, but Damien doesn't think that having a mate is for him. He is dedicated to his job and as alpha of his crew he feels he should have no distractions. 

As the two spend more time together and become closer, but danger is just around the corner and Damien wants nothing but to protect Zoe. Is the best way to protect her to send her away from the forest and Shadowland dwellers?

Good story, but the book does have several type-os that might in the way for some readers. 

Zoe Fox is leaving her past life forever. Tired of the lousy workplace and even lousier love life, she’s ready to start over out west. But when her sudden decision to visit a National Park makes her take the wrong turn, she finds herself chased by a ferocious monster. Luckily, a big, sexy-as-hell, muscle bound ranger appears out of nowhere to save her. Taking her to his cabin while she heals, she might learn that loving a shifter could be more dangerous than any monster she could find.

Damien Black knows only duty. He’s devoted to lead the White Paw bears against the Shadowlands, an unnatural threat that could leech the life out of the world. But when the beautiful, fragile human, Zoe Fox is chased by a shadow wildcat, his protective instincts flare up like never before. 

Even worse, although being with Zoe makes him stronger than ever, his shifter senses are starting to fail him. That should be reason enough to make her go away. But why can’t he? And why is his bear roaring inside, calling her his mate?

This standalone novel has a HEA and absolutely NO cheating and NO cliffhangers.

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