Sunday, July 9, 2017

Romance Book Review: Sennah Tate's Spark

Title: Spark
Author: Sennah Tate
Series Connection: Sunset Glade Panthers
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Cougar Shifters

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Gabi goes home to care for her father to a town that hasn't always been forgiving of her father's eccentric behavior. While there she comes into contact with her high school crush Tucker.

Tucker spends his days as a ranger in the Florida Glades. Being a ranger helps him keep secrets he's been hiding for years. One that he's a panther shifter and two the his brother is cursed and has to be protected from the world. When he meets Gabi again he knows immediately she's his mate, but how can he ever take the time to mate her with all the secrets he carries on his shoulders. 

When Gabi's father's hobby of searching for Glades for the illusive Big Foot gets him into more trouble they anyone ever thought, can Gabi with Tucker's help save him?

Quick read that begins a four book paranormal series. The first book is a good introduction into the series where you meet several of the continuing characters. Tucker is a very likable hero who is just working to do the right thing for everyone. Gabi is stubborn and set to help where ever she can, sometimes without thinking through the consequences. 

Well written series. Looking forward to reading the rest of this series. This first book is free on Amazon. 

Whispered secrets drag the past out of the swamp and lead Gabi to the last place on Earth she ever expected to be, thrust into the arms of a man she never expected to get...

Gabrielle Fairway has long dealt with the snickering, whispered rumors and taunting thanks to her father’s obsession with bigfoot. Now that dad’s getting on in years, his daughters think it may be time to admit the elderly biologist to a nursing home. Lucky Gabi gets to go down and break the news to him, which brings her clawing her way back to her hometown of Sunset Glade.

Tucker Auric has been hiding not one, but two secrets — his and his brother’s. It’s hard enough being a panther shifter without a pack, but protecting his sasquatch sibling from the prying eyes of paranormal hunters is running him ragged. One look at Gabi has Tucker realizing that he needs someone like her in his life… and his bed.

An attack in the swamp thrusts bookish Gabi and her long-time crush together as they work to solve the mystery of the murderous shifter. When the evildoer turns their attention to Gabi and Tucker, they’ll have to decide where their loyalties lie or risk losing the love they’ve only just discovered...

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