Saturday, September 2, 2017

Romance Book Review: His Mate-Seniors by M.L. Briers

Title: His Mate - Seniors
Author: M.L. Briers ASIN: B072HG78PQ
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Werewolf/Shifter Romance, Witch Romance
Publisher: Amazon

Purchase link: Amazon

Good storyline and interesting mix of characters. Witch Sarah inherits her an inn that has been in her family for years when her aunt dies. On her way to the town where the inn is located she meets two senior witches that have just escaped the senior care home they have been living in.

 The two older ladies have no idea where they are off to, but wanted to see more of excitement before they pass. Now the three ladies are getting the inn in shape when they call in a local plumber to fix some problems at the inn.

Immediately Sarah clashes with the plumber, since he's a werewolf and werewolves and witches don't usually get along. Calling in for reinforcements, the plumber calls an elder in the pack to help with the older ladies and his brother, the pack alpha. Now the story gets really entertaining as we meet the dead aunt, a vampire and more.

This book was funny and sweet.

 Description: ***His Mate – Seniors. A brand new 40,000 word wolf shifter romance novel from the writer of the His Mate – Brothers series and the Bear-ly bear shifter series.***

Sarah had inherited her Aunt’s Inn and with it a whole load of troubles. She didn’t have a clue when she got there that on the other side of the woods was a pack of wolf shifters. Nor did she know that her aunt had a friendly vampire that lived nearby and liked to visit often, and she had no idea that she’d find her mate.

When Nathan had answered the call from his brother for help; he never expected to find three feisty witches, a problematic vampire, and an Inn that could be haunted, but that was exactly what he got. Along with a mate that was on the lunch menu from a newbie vampire. Where would he find the time to woo his one true mate? Caution; contains snarky witches, a sarcastic vampire or two, and a wolf shifter to die for.

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