Thursday, January 8, 2009

Forgiveness is the most difficult thing to give, but the most cherished thing to receive

Love me, still
Author: Maya Banks


Book Description:
Beloved mate to two wolves, Heather lived an idyllic life until hunters destroyed the pack's peaceful existence. Believing their mate betrayed them and was responsible for their father's death, Cael and Riyu cut Heather from their lives. But when they realize their terrible mistake, can they ever gain her forgiveness and win back her love?

My View:
This was definitely a tear jerker of a story. The terrible misunderstanding between Heather and her two werewolf mates leaves both parties to sit back and figure out what went wrong. Not a bad story, but all together too short and lacked any of the Maya's usual sensual love scenes. Still its a good read for anyone who likes her stories. 

My most memorable experience from this book, however, has nothing to do with the story itself, but how long it took me to open the ebook. This is the first time I have ever experienced the new Adobe Digital Editions software. The software is just a new way that publishers are trying to keep readers from sharing ebooks with others online. Whenever you see a file that ends with the letters .acsm, you are using a file that needs to be opened in Digital Edition. It offers the reader a chance to simply view the document, but doesn't allow any saving of the book onto your computer.

In essence the file itself is just a sales receipt that you actually purchased the book on line. Then you place drag the file into the Digital Editions software folder, with your Internet on. The file is then read from the company you purchased the book from online library. I'm not sure I like this because it means that I never really own the book the purchased. If the company goes out of business how am I to read the book a second time, if I liked it? It would be interesting to see how this goes in the future. Right now I feel like I'm borrowing the book for a fee. The public library will let me borrow it for free. Where's the benefit for me, besides the one-time read? I don't upload books illegally on the Internet and I am one that would read a book two or three times, even going back a year or two later to enjoy the book again and again. In the current economy the company I purchased the book from could be out of business tomorrow. 

My advise is if you buy a book under this format, don't hold on to it until later. It may be gone.

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