Thursday, January 8, 2009

The truth can set you free, can't it?

More than a Cowboy
Author: Susan Hornick
ISBN: 978-0-3738-7510-8



The identity of her daughter's father is a secret, one that single mother Haley Clayton must keep forever—for a very good reason. But when a tragedy takes the man's life—a tragedy Haley fears was her fault—the truth comes out. And now the man's stepbrother, handsome rancher Jared Sinclair, wants answers. Why has Haley kept the child from his family? What is she hiding? Haley can't tell him—ever. But then Jared insists Haley and young Sarah spend time at the family ranch, where she discovers he's not just a proud cowboy; he's her—and her daughter's—deepest wish.

My View:
Good story for someone who is looking for a read that will inspire them to believe in happy ever afters. I liked the characters, especially Haley and her struggles with her past. I just wish that Haley would just let her secret go a little earlierin the story. It seemed to me she spent too much time kicking herself for something she had no control over. There were times when I just thought she should tell Jared already and get it over with. With his faith and beliefs he would be able to get over it and move on with their lives.

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