Friday, January 30, 2009

Fortunes of Texas Return to Red Rock Series

Valentine's Fortune
Allison Leigh
Fortunes of Texas Return to Red Rock
Romance (Silhouette)



"You're safe now."

His voice was a seductive whisper as he pulled her from the blazing restaurant. But on the run and pregnant, Bethany Burdett knew she had to forget the brave firefighter who'd risked his life to save hers. Until Darr Fortune tracked her down…

Ever since he spirited the unconscious stranger to safety, the youngest Fortune brother was haunted by a powerful desire to see her again. And when a blizzard stranded them together, Darr knew he'd risk it all again for the enigmatic mother-to-be who aroused much more than his protective instincts….

My View:
This is the second book in the new Fortunes of Texas series. The first book Plain Jane and the Playboy by Marie Ferrarella was released last month. A few years back I started reading the Fortunes of Texas series and was hooked. The books are individual stories, but are linked together by a mystery. The clues to the mystery are revealed in each book until the series ends. I'm currently working on putting together a list of my favorite series and cataloging all the books from each series. Series like the Fortunes make it hard because they are written by different authors and there are several different series within the series, but it is one I've been working hard to put together.

When I first got hooked on the Fortune series I had purchased the books used at the local library. Of course, the whole series wasn't available, so I had to search for the outdated books to find out what was happening in the mystery. It was a challenge at the time, but eventually I was able to find all the books online. I really enjoyed reading all of them. Keep checking my website at for updates the series pages.

The new Fortunes series follows the same theme of having individual stories and a continuing mystery. Red Rock, the Texas town where the Fortunes of Texas started, is where it's all happening again in this series. Darr Fortune, of the California Fortunes, came to Red Rock three years ago. (If you didn't know they are from all over the world.) Darr is a local fireman, who just can't help himself when he sees a damsel in distress. When he meets Bethany it's no different. He knows she's got problems and he just wants to help. We also get to meet his oh so sexy brother, commitment weary Nick, who's worried that his little brother is making the same mistakes in his life that Darr has made before. Nick's story comes next month.

Bethany is looking to stay lost, but she could really use someone to lean on. Someone with shoulders as broad as Darr's could just be that man. Valentine's Fortune is a fun book that doesn't get too sappy about the holiday, but brings true romance to life. The author does a nice job making the characters real and the reader will enjoy getting the chance to meet up with some of the older series members again. Ahhh! There's just nothing like a big strong fireman. And from Texas no less.

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