Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sizzling through the pages

Loving Lies
Lora Leigh

Men of Summer

Erotic Romance



Love will find a way…

Slade was Jessie’s life, the first love that filled her heart and soul and bound her woman’s spirit. Years of waiting culminating in an incredible weekend of sexual abandon—teaching her everything she needed to know to be his woman and branded her as Slade’s woman for life. Jessie was certain Slade had to love her.

Until he whispered the lie, the ultimate betrayal, and walked away only to wed another woman.

Now five years later Slade returns, his soul has withered without Jessie’s presence, and now he’ll have her, one way or the other. The love for her, the fierce overriding hunger and need consumes his heart and binds his soul. No matter the obstacles, Slade will get her back.

Whatever it takes.

Whatever he has to do.

My View:
Just two words: "Sex Fest". This book was is one of Lora's older novels, written in 2006. I happened to see a print version on B&N's shelf and decided to give it a try. Honestly, I love Lora Leigh. Even some of her really way out there titles like the August Men series. This book wasn't bad, but not one of Lora's best. She had a good story line going, but I really would have liked to have read more of the other side of the couples life than just their sex life. The characters needed to be expanded on a bit more. I kept asking myself, if Slade owned part of a construction company what was he doing working for Homeland Security. A little more development into Jessie's character would have made it so that she didn't seem like such a twit for waiting around for someone she had no idea she would ever see again. I thought the rest of the scenes in the book were well written and worth reading. Just dont go into reading the book thinking the style will be up to Lora current books. She's definitely improving with age.

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