Friday, January 9, 2009

Going Nowhere has never been so thrilling

Howling at the Moon
Author: Brenda Bryce
Series: Going Nowhere
ISBN: 978-1-59632-323-0


Lannie Michaels has had enough. She leaves her home in the city for a nice, quiet stint of sculpting in a small town called Nowhere. When her mistrusting almost fiancé catches up with her trying to get her back, so does a killer of unfathomable evil, who wants to keep them apart.

Kyle Sylia is only in town to get his mate back after a catastrophic misunderstanding. He will do anything to make her his permanently. An upcoming showing, a crazed werewolf killer, a skeptical and angry sheriff, a hunter, and hyped up pheromones, are not the way he expected the reunion to progress.

During a showing of her artwork, Lannie discovers something new about herself, and Kyle is to blame. Who knew her boyfriend had kept so many life altering secrets from her? Oh well, the sex is phenomenal, but the tail will take some practice.

Now they just have to clear the area of terror, before Lannie loses her temper and bites someone.
My View:
You just have to love Kyle in this story. He isn't your normal Alpha werewolf. He will do anything to make things right with Lannie and its fun watching him try. The story is filled with mystery is thrills. The sexy romantic scenes are as hot as the hunky werewolves in the story.

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