Thursday, January 15, 2009

He can run, but he can't hide

Author: Maya Banks
Series: Sequel to Brazen


He can run, but he can't hide. Sheriff J.T. Summers promised to keep an eye on his best friend’s little sister. What could possibly go wrong? A lot. “Little” Nikki Durant isn’t so little anymore. She’s sex on a stick, and she’s pointed right at him. Nikki has always loved J.T., and she’s through waiting for him to come around. The soaring summer temperature is nothing compared to the heat generated when she sets fire to his senses. With a take-no-prisoners attitude, she’s out to get her man. But no matter how many ways she offers it, J.T.’s not buying. What’s it going to take to get him to realize her love for him isn’t a passing fling? Get herself arrested? Hmm…

My View: Maya Banks may not be a household name in the romance book scene, but every women who loves a great story with hot love scenes should give her at least one try. In Reckless Maya hasn't let us down. Our hero, J.T. is out to keep a promise to his best friend bringing us a great forbidden love story. How can anyone resist Nikki though? She's sassy, brazen and not shy about going after what she wants. You couldn't ask for a better combination than this couple.


  1. I love Maya Banks, too. She's got a lot of good books. Thanks for putting up this post.

  2. Wow! This is a smoking hot romance. I want to read the next 200 books she writes if they're all this good. I highly concur with the reviewer that anyone who loves love scenes should give this author a read.


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