Thursday, January 15, 2009

These guys are hard as nails, until they find true love

Hard As Nails
HelenKay Dimon



What's better than a man who's good with his hands? Try a trio of hard-bodied hunks who'll be happy to flip your house, your heart...and anything else you have in mind...
This Old House—Architect Cole Carruthers's mission is simple—visit his company's latest rehab project and cajole the sweet old lady who once owned it into vacating the premises. But the sultry, sledge-hammer-wielding woman he finds is far from old, nor particularly sweet. For reasons she won't reveal, Aubrey Matheson refuses to leave the house she claims is her birthright. As far as Cole's concerned, there's only one thing to do with this squatter: hunker down with her and discover every single one of her sexy secrets...

All About Adam
—The last meeting tough-as-nails Becky Carter took with sharp-witted, wicked sexy real estate rehabber Adam Thomas culminated in a scorching-hot game of kiss-and-run. Becky was the one running, and she's regretted it ever since. Now Adam's back to do some actual business...or so he says. If Becky has her way, this weekend of negotiation will speed from boardroom to bedroom—and stay there...

Man at the Door
—After finding herself famous for all the wrong reasons, artist Erin McHugh just wants to fix up her house, open her art studio, and settle down out of the spotlight. Then job foreman Ray Hammond walks through her door and Erin recognizes broad-shouldered trouble. Hot, young, and always in the news, Ray is everything Erin wanted to avoid. The challenge is how to resist a guy who can build anything, fix anything—and make Erin feel everything...

My View:
Hard as Nails tells the story of three men who work together at T.C. Limited. The stories follow Cole, Adam and Ray during the purchase, sale and remodeling of an old house and the surprises they found there. This is one of those books where you will both laugh and cry, as you make your way through the three stories. Each couple HelenKay creates has great chemistry and blends well together. I especially like Aubrey and her sledgehammer. I also like the way each of the small stories blend together to bring you one full story.

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