Monday, January 26, 2009

Love at first sight

Anyone But You
Author: Amarinda Jones
Series connection:
Penned Again




Verity Kane is a calm, efficient worker. Normally nothing upsets her. However, in the last six months her patience has been tried dealing with her charming playboy boss, Mercardo Gentry. When she walks in on him having sex with a woman on his desk, she has had enough. It's about time Mercardo learned a lesson and she's the woman to teach him.

Mercardo fell in love with Verity six months ago. He would like nothing more than to get to know her but the lady is most definitely not interested. Can he really be blamed for reading her private diary when he comes across it by accident? And when he sees that her most intimate fantasies revolve around him, Mercardo decides to seduce Verity with her own thoughts.

Verity is amazed and aroused that the playboy understands her needs so well. But falling in love with a playboy is not something she counted on. Leaving her job is easy. Forgetting Mercardo is impossible.

My View:

Anyone But You is a sensual book that offers a strong heroine and a hero with potential, but I was a little put off by some parts of the book. Generally the premise for the story is pretty standard. Personal assistant falls for boss who is the playboy type. It just so happens that said boss is in love with personal assistant. One of my favorite parts of the story is in the beginning when Verity walks into Mercardo's office, again, to find him having sex with yet another woman. She walks out of the office saying "Grow up Mercardo." I wanted to say that to the man several times during the book. His character does get better toward the end, but I was so disturbed with his behavior in the beginning it was hard to get past that part. I did love Verity though. She is no wallflower and although a bit undecided at times, a strong take no prisoners woman any man would love.

One other note: This book should come with a warning because it deals with two rape scenes. (Not between the hero and the heroine) For those who don't like violence in their love stories, this novel may not be for you.

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