Saturday, January 24, 2009

No need for brawn when you have a computer wiz

Winning Molly
Author: Bobbie Russell


A one night stand with a beautiful, mysterious stranger should have been enough, but soon Win's involved in a race against the clock to prevent a murder.

Her bike was parked in the sand by his beach house, but when Win Coulter catches up with Molly at the water's edge and accuses her of trespassing, she wants much more from him than the right to walk on the beach.

Win, a gentle computer wizard, is happy to comply with her request for hot wild sex, but he quickly becomes both lover and protector when Molly and her father are threatened.

My View:

This sexy novel is a perfect book if you want to cozy up with something warm during the cold winter nights. Winning Molly is a great romance featuring a computer geek turned hero and a young woman in need of just the right guy. I loved the theme. This story just goes to show that you don't always need brawn to get the job done. The entire story is done from the hero's point of view, which adds to the sexy fun.

For those who like cover art, this e-book has a romantic photographic cover. Googling the book I happen to find a fellow Deviant Art member, Lyn Taylor, who is the cover artist. Want to check out her site go to Check out our website at for our Hottest Covers feature.

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