Friday, January 23, 2009

Get ready for a meltdown

Men To Die For
Hidden Enemies by Ravyn Wilde
Meltdown by Denise A. Agnew

Make That Man Mine by Shelley Munro


Hidden Enemies

A head injury has changed Jenna's once loving husband into a brutal monster. After a year of abuse, Jenna divorces him. Rick is enraged and swears to kill her. Even the police recommend she disappear for a while. Problem is…she doesn't know how.

Then she meets Cole. Among his many…attributes, Cole has published a book, Hidden Enemies. In it, Jenna learns everything she needs to know about hiding. After two nights of passion, Jenna takes one of Cole's books and disappears. But disappearing from Cole…or the lust he stirs in her…proves impossible.

Where there's smoke, there's fire.

Evan Murdoch's firefighting career is on the line, his confidence shattered by a tragic accident that claimed the life of his girlfriend. Neighbor Lillian O'Hara understands disaster all too well and refuses to jump into any fire.

But the passionate heat that unexpectedly flares between them forces them to confront the issues holding them back from what they most want.

When a quake traps them in a basement, the threat of a collapsing building will force them to decide if their red-hot attraction and their lives are worth the ultimate risk.

Make That Man Mine
On her twenty-fifth birthday, Emma Montrose decides it's time to show bad-boy investigator Jack Sullivan she's more than an efficient secretary. She's a woman with needs, and she needs him.

Jack is a taniwha, a shifter, who requires women to satiate the sexual demands of the serpent within. Nothing more. Then work forces the reluctant Jack and ecstatic Emma undercover as a couple. Thrown together, pretence and reality blur, generating hot sex laced with risk...

My View:
This anthology from Ellora’s Cave offers three separate, but completely compelling stories. I picked up this book because one of the authors, Denise Agnew, was recommended by a friend and I decided to give her a try. Now I'm ready to check out more of her stories. In Meltdown, Agnew brings together two great characters who come together at just the right time. Evan is a sexy man dealing with the tragedy of a former relationship and Lil is ready to make some changes in her life. The story is humorous and heartwarming.

The other two authors contributing to this anthology are no slouches themselves. I liked the heros in all the stories, although sometimes I was a little put off by Munro 's Jack Sullivan character. I think the author handled his situation well by turning him into a smelly shapeshifter and offering the sassy heroine the chance to get a few digs in. Make that Man Mine offers some great humor and a different breed of shapeshifter for the reader's delight. Oh, and I did say the sex is hot in all three stories. You might just need a firefighter of your own after you read these stories.


  1. Hi Roni,

    My Google alert told me you were blogging about MEN TO DIE FOR. Thanks
    so much for the kind comments on our work. :) I'm so pleased you enjoyed
    it. :) I tried posting a comment the blog but could never get it to work. :)

    Please stop by when you get the chance. I also blog
    at The Bradford Bunch and Danger Zone Authors

    Thanks again for taking time to review the book. :)

    All the best,

    Denise A. Agnew


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