Monday, January 19, 2009


Vampyre Falls: Morganna's Sacrifice
Author: Adrianna Dane
Vampyre Falls



Morganna’s lover, Keelan Moonhunter, a seductive dark elf, disappeared from their province in the Faerie Realm years ago without a word. She assumed he’d simply grown weary of her and sought his pleasures elsewhere. To help her deal with the heartbreak, Morganna pacted with the goblin alchemist, Syril Grimstarker, for a potion that would mask all the pain—at least for a time. Little did she know, however, exactly what evil secrets Syril held? Until the night, her long-lost lover, Keelan, saves her from the sadistic hands of the vampire Romulus. Now, Keelan’s a vampire with tortured memories and living in a place called Vampyre Falls. He whisks her away to the human world to protect her, and there, she meets the mysterious vampire, Daffyd Angelus, who once saved Keelan’s life. Morganna senses deeper ties between Daffyd and the dark elf she still loved. And Keelan reveals why he disappeared so long ago. The only hope for any future together could hinge on sacrifices Morganna will be asked to make in order to remain in Vampyre Falls. Is her love strong enough to turn her back on everything she has known to stay with the one man she knows is her soul mate? Even if he is a vampire?

My View:

I love books and series that have a website that features all the juicy details. This one is located at To that extent that's probably all I love about this book. It isn't really the fault of the writer, I actually like Adrianna Dane's work, but I'm not much into dark fantasy. I'd have to say for the love story part of this book, only someone who really truly loved another would they be able to accept as much as Morganna accepts from Keelan. What other choice did she have? You, as the reader, have a lot more choice. If you are into BDSM and the dark arts, go ahead and read this book. If, however, you really don't like the violence in your love stories, stay away. This one isn't for you.

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