Sunday, January 18, 2009

Vampires at their best

I Want You To Want Me
Author: Kathy Love
Sequel to: Anyway You Want It


Erika Todd moved to New Orleans because she needed a change - and, well, yes, because that's what her fortuneteller said she would do. Not that she'd admit that to many people. But so many of the psychic's predictions—about her work, even finding that stray black cat—have already come true. Now all the lonely sculptor needs is to meet and fall in love with the prophesied dark-eyed prince.

Reclusive musician Vittorio Ridgewood has a new neighbor he's been trying to avoid. Sure, she's gorgeous, but she's coming on strong, and the last thing the 200 year-old vampire needs is to get involved with another mortal. Especially since several of his former human paramours have lately been turning up dead. Sensing the relentless beauty needs someone to watch over her, Vittorio agrees to sit for a sculpture, and their attraction to one another quickly ignites. But is passion even this hot worth dying for?

My View:
Finally, a vampire book I can sink my teeth in. Usually I have a problem reading vampire books because the blood and gore the authors feel they need to use is too much for a romance, but Kathy Love puts together a story that works for me. Of course, actually Vittorio isn't a conventional vampire, but a Lampir. What makes Vittorio different is that he doesn't suck blood, but energy. No gore there. That leaves the story to entice the reader and Love did a great job at that. The story is a fast paced quick read featuring the interactions between Vittorio and Erika and Vittorio's mother and her Demon lover Maksim. Vittorio is reluctant to get involved with Erika with good reason, I just wished that after they got together that he would explain just a little to Erika so she knew to be a little worried about what was to come. Otherwise, I liked the story. I didn't get to read the first story in this series and am excited to add it to my collection.

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