Sunday, February 15, 2009

Craig offers heart warming story of love with an older woman

Author: Jamie Craig
ISBN: 1-60504-123-8
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Maddy Terrell is forty years old with an adult son and a time-consuming career. The last thing she is looking for is a relationship. In fact, all she wants is a ride—from Los Angeles to San Francisco so she can attend her niece’s wedding. But the ride she was counting on has just stood her up, and her only choice is to accept a lift from Tonio Herrera.

He’s Latino. He’s hot. He’s also twenty-four, just too much of a stretch for Maddy to even contemplate, no matter how attracted she is to him.

Tonio’s not driving Maddy to San Francisco out of the kindness of his heart. In fact, he has a very specific ulterior motive. Maddy is the most attractive woman he has ever met. After months of flirting, he’s determined that this weekend in San Francisco will finally get her attention.

Then comes the hard part—convincing Maddy he wants more than just a weekend fling.

My View:
Jamie Craig is the psydonum of two talented writer, Vivien Dean and Pepper Espinoza who have been writing together since 2006. I've really been impressed with their short stories. They have a simply style that offers pretty good fast reads. Querida (which means dear in Spanish) is a lovely heart-warming story of an older woman who catches the eye of her son's friend and their eventual relationship. It's never easy being the older woman. Maddy has to come to terms with what that means and to do what's right for her. These authors hit the mark with this novella.

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