Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Needing some more than just long and hard

Long Hard Texan
Author: Summer Jordan
ISBN: 978-1-906811-88-4
Genre: Contemporary


All Deanna wants is wild, steamy sex with no strings attached and brandy - eyed Jake, a long, hard Texan who's not the 'marrying kind' is the perfect man to fulfil her erotic dreams.

Deanna doesn't have time for a relationship. All she wants is wild, steamy sex with no strings attached. But opportunities are few and far between. Then brandy - eyed Jake, the long, hard Texan, appears on the scene. A rancher who's visiting in the area for only a couple of weeks, he looks like the perfect man to fulfil her erotic dreams. Locked together in a supply room during a power outage, Deanna throws caution to the winds and herself into Jake's strong arms where he gives her everything she wants.

Jake is not the 'marrying kind' but he has yearnings of his own and Deanna satisfies them all. Like him, she's not looking for commitment, so they're totally right for each other. Their hot, mind - blowing sex leaves them lusting for more, but all too soon it's time for the long, hard Texan to head home. Suddenly, Deanna realises that despite her best intentions, those strings are not only attached but cutting right through her heart.

My View:
This book had a great story line going, unfortunately the author didn't get into it. I, like the next girl, like sex in my stories, but sometimes it can get a bit much as it did in this one. I would love to see the same characters in a longer story. Maybe some more time with cousin Craig and his reaction to Jake telling him about the man's girlfriend coming on to Jake. Or even a little more with the scene of finding the condom in the supply room. "Lust Bites" can be a fun short read, but sometimes a little more makes all the difference in the world.

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