Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wanton will leave readers anything but...

Author: Noelle Mack
Series Connection: Pack of St. James
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2276-3
Genre: Historical/Paranormal/Shifter


In the year 1816, the Pack of St. James meets in secret in their London lair. An unknown assailant has begun to prey upon the women who consort with the men of the Pack - two have already died in mysterious ways and a poisoned communication threatens still more. With Kyril Taruskin and his love Vivienne away in the far north, attending to the clan's business in the Russian port of Archangel, his brother Marko begins to investigate - and finds the trail leads to a scandalous beauty known only as Severin.One of the victims was Severin's half-sister, but that alone is not enough to explain her intimate knowledge of the strange case. Well aware how a clever woman can hide more than she reveals, Marko employs all his powers of sensual persuasion, barely able to resist the allure of her amber eyes and softly seductive voice. He has never been outwitted by a woman. But Severin is different from all the rest - very different - and loving her is a dangerous game indeed...

My View:
Not really one to usually like historicals because I find some authors get so in-depth in the time period that they lose something in the romance of the story, I have to say I really like this series. I started reading the first book Wild because it was a werewolf series, which I really enjoy. I was hooked after reading the first one. This second book Wanton didn't disappoint. The first scene starts off hot and sexy and the book just sizzles from there. The author does set the scene in the time period of the early 1800s and follows through with a mystery that can transcend over time.

From the first moment the readers meet Marko and Severin from across a ballroom they can feel the electricity between the two. The characters fall instantly for one another, but there is a rocky road ahead for the couple. Marko has a murder to solve and he doesn't want to mix Severin up in his problems. Of course he fails to explain that to her, and she gets a little miffed at him. The story is fast paced and well written and readers will enjoy watching the couple make their way back to each other.

I've had this book sitting on my shelf for months with the intention of reading it right away, unfortunately things happen and life gets in the way. I'm glad I finally dusted the cover off and sat down for the read. The next book in the series, Wicked, which was scheduled to be out this month, publishing date has been moved to the end of August. I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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