Friday, February 27, 2009

Revisiting Harper's Refuge

Author: Vonna Harper
ISBN: 1-8436-0-938-X
Genre: Paranormal


Freedom from responsibility, from self-control even.

The thought pounds through Magara Force as the high-powered executive runs through the night-dark Florida rainforest refuge. In her mind she becomes she-animal, a wild creature at home in the ripe and savage land, Tarzan’s equal.

Then he joins her. Male and large, his shoes slapping the gravel make her think of heartbeats. She hears his quick breathing, feels the sweat rolling off him, his heat on her skin. The heat travels through her veins, flows into her skull, fingertips, belly, between her legs.
Destroy civilized-woman and let she-animal roar.

Lon Storms, a man just stripped of the control and power that has been his way of life, has his own needs-needs this woman will satisfy.
He’ll take her hard and wild. She’ll give as good as she gets, meeting him muscle for muscle and nerve for nerve, screaming out her climax so the night creatures fall silent. In his mind and body, his running partner becomes an earth creature. Unburdened by modern constraints, they’ll mate-pure and simple.

Neither can comprehend the consequences.

Author Bio From Publisher Ellora's Cave:
Under her "real" name, Vonna Harper has published more fiction than she can keep track of . These include category romances for the major players as well as the 'juicy' stuff. She also penned a series of well-received Native American historicals. One earned her finalist status in both the Women Writing the West Willa award and Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association. Before discovering romances, both erotic and otherwise, Vonna 'confessed' all kinds of nonsense for the confession magazines.

When asked about erotica research, she insists, "Of course I've time-traveled to the ancient Everglades, infiltrated bondage strongholds, done wilderness search and rescue, and spent a night trapped in a workout gym with Mr. Universe. How can I possibly write about something I haven't experienced?"

As for day jobs, "I've been a commercial pilot, brain surgeon, worked as a white-water river guide, bee keeper, snake charmer, and garbage collector."

And if you buy all that, she'd like you to check out the bridge she has listed on eBay.

My View:
I was reading some romance notes today and ran across Vonna Harper's name and was thinking about some of the books I've read by her, so I opened my e-book files on my laptop and found this story. It is from a few years back, but not a bad quick read.

To be honest I can't quite get the paranormal angle the publishing company credits this with, but I'll let them keep it. The isn't a bad book, but a little too short for my taste. I liked the characters. Lon is a strong hero, but
Magara's character is a great heroine . The book follows a BDSM theme a bit, but not too much for those that aren't comfortable with the scene. Generally Refuge is a quick read that offers hot sex scenes on an even hotter night. Perfect for the cold winter nights when you need something to warm you up.
Romance book review.

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