Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still Mine after all these years

Still Mine
Author: Mary Wine
ISBN: 1-59998-957-3


Love is the last line of defense.

Jolene Benate has spent six years keeping a vow to herself to never again be that weak woman weeping at her young husband’s graveside. Now she’s a deputy marshal on the elite warrant squad, as physically and mentally tough as they come. But moving on isn’t as easy as it looks.

Especially when the husband she thought was dead suddenly reappears. And, even in the face of his betrayal, she still wants him.

Paul Benate’s gifted mind was groomed from a young age to serve the military and its top-secret projects. His one youthful act of rebellion was to marry Jolene, only to discover a terrorist could use her to force him to give up his classified secrets. For her own safety, he had to let her go.

But the safety he thought was assured by his “death” was only an illusion. Secrets have a way of surfacing, and once again Jolene is the perfect target. There’s only one thing left to do…reclaim the woman that he has always loved.

Even if she’s mad as hell at him.

About the Author from her Website:
I write to reassure myself that reality really is survivable. Between traffic jams and children’s sporting schedules, there is romance lurking for anyone with the imagination to find it.

I spend my days making corsets and petticoats as a historical costumer. If you send me an invitation marked ‘formal dress’, you’d better give a date or I just might show up wearing my bustle.

I love to read a good romance, and with the completion of my first novel, I’ve discovered I am addicted to writing these stories as well. Dream big or you might never get beyond your front yard.

My View on her book:
Paul Benate has spent six years dreaming about the one woman who held his heart. He gave her up because he felt he had no choice. It was either that or see her possibly used as a pawn. Jolene may have once been a woman who couldn't handle a future life with Paul, but six years later she's a much different woman. As a US Marshall she shows how tough she can be. She has a gun and she isn't afraid to use it. When the bad guys come after her, Jolene takes them out without a backwards glance. Now suddenly Paul realizes she can handle anything, even the position he finds himself into now.

At first I must say I didn't like Paul very much. He really didn't handle the situation well with Jolene and she had every right to be pissed at him. It took a while for him to redeem himself. This book was different from the other books i'd read by Mary in the past. I liked her futurist Alcandian series, but the love the fast action of this contemporary romance. It was well written and interesting. I like the supporting characters, especially the Major. Since the book leaves it open for a future story it should be interesting how the author picks up the story line again.
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