Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fortunes of Texas: Return to Red Rock Book 3

Triple Trouble
Author: Lois Faye Dryer
Series Connection: Fortunes of Texas: Return to Red Rock
ISBN: 9-780-3-7365-4390


As financial analyst for the Fortune foundation, Nicholas Fortune was used to crunching numbers—not changing diapers. But when he learned he'd just become temporary guardian—to triplets!—the overwhelmed new father needed to find a nanny, pronto.

Charlene London was the answer to the Texas bachelor's prayers, even if she couldn't see it. And though it took no time for the three baby girls to steal Charlene's heart, their substitute dad was another story. Because her sexy boss was strictly off-limits, even if her job was just temporary. Unless he made her another offer—one she couldn't refuse….

From the author's Website:
A successful career in the legal community was satisfying professionally, but her heart still longed to follow her dream of publication. After several years spent honing her craft, Lois sold her first contemporary romance in 1990 and retired from her day job shortly after to focus on her writing. Today, when not plotting her next bestseller, Lois enjoys walking her dog, seeing to the needs of her demanding cats, and spending time with her wonderful family.

My View:
Confirmed bachelor Nicholas Fortune has just inherited three little darlings after his best friend and his wife are killed in a accident. Just one one-year-old might have been a problem, but taking on three little ones is impossible. Lucky for Nick a chance meeting on his flight to pick up the girls, brings him in close quarters with Charlene.

Charlene had hoped she could start her new life away from Red Rock and her former fiance. Hoping she will be able to stay with her mother while she gets her life in order, Charlene finds that she has a little change in plans. Mom has moved in with a very nice man, and Charlene can't help to feel like a third wheel. Luckily she met Nick Fortune and he made her a deal, that now, she won't be able to refuse.

Back in Red Rock the couple cope with taking care of the three babies. The instant attraction they first found continues to grow. This story brings together a delightful couple and three adorable babies. While the story tells the story about Nick and Charlene, it takes a side tour, giving more clues to the continuing series of the Red Rock Fortunes. Fans won't want to miss this delightful piece to the Fortune puzzle.

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