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Love Never-Ending delightful fantasy romance

Love Never-Ending
Author: Anny Cook
Series Connection: Mystic Valley
ISBN: 9-781-4-1991-909-1


When naked Bishop Llewellyn is kidnapped from his bed in the middle of the night by his angry best friend Trav, he has no idea of the enormous ways his life is about to change. After they are trapped in a cave, Bishop's search for help for his seriously injured friend leads him to a mysterious valley where he discovers his long-lost brother among the blue-skinned inhabitants.

His stubborn search for an escape from the valley is sidetracked when he meets Samara, a woman who is more interested in finding out what's hidden under his sharda than seeking out a mate. Soon he's blithely showing Samara all the sensual possibilities without understanding the consequences of his actions. Their no-strings-attached affair derails when Bishop unintentionally embarrasses Samara. Then an assassin's attack on Bishop nearly succeeds…

From the back of the book:
Anny Cook learned to read at five years old. Learning to write was a natural extension. Through her adult years while a wife, mother, grandmother, fast food cook, warehouse book packer, Girl Scout and Cub Scout Leader, perpetual college student, executive secretary, and adult education teacher, writing served as the anchor that kept her sane.

Well, maybe not exactly sane, but close to it. Today, after thirty-five years with kids, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and hamsters, she and her husband are empty nesters. Sigh. Finally, there’s time—and quiet—to write in peace.

My View:
Love Never-Ending is book five from the Mystic Valley series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone book. The novel actually begins two books back when readers first meet Traveller. In Traveller's Refuge, Trav kidnaps his friend in a moment of insanity. Trapped in a cave with his injured Trav, Bishop has to find help as fast as possible. He stumbles upon the entrance to Mystic Valley. Realizing it is Trav's only chance he drags his friends body out of the cave and runs into his long lost brother and sister-in-law who went missing twenty-five years earlier.

Finding it hard to comprehend the new surroundings he has stumbled into, Bishop has a lot to work through before he can accept his new life in Mystic Valley. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard for him if he could come to terms with the strange looking blue people with pointed ears and fangs and their customs, but as it is he longs for nothing more except to find his way back into the cave and into his old life.

While he works to come to terms with his new life, Bishop meets Samara. Samara is a fallen woman in the eyes of the people in Mystic Valley. When she was sixteen years old she was raped. According to the rules of the Valley she can not bond mate or have children. Coming to terms with her situation, Samara carves out a new life for herself. She falls in love with Bishop, but he isn't ready to hear that he has no choice but to stay in Mystic Valley, much less that he can have a life with Samara. While they work their way toward each other there is an outside force that doesn't want Samara to be happy in life and wants her miserable.

Love Never-Ending is delightful tale that readers won't be able to put down. I was really happy to see that Anny told so much of the previous stories because there was a lot going in and as it intertwined with previous stories it was important to put it all in perspective. I'm also happy to see that Bishop had so much trouble getting used to the idea that he was stuck in Mystic Valley. Think how you would feel if suddenly you were told your old life is gone, just be happy and get over it. How realistic would that be? Readers who enjoy fantasy romance will like Anny's great imagination.


  1. Oh, I'm glad you loved the story! Thanks for the lovely review!

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you loved the story! Thank you for the lovely review!


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