Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Romance Book Review: In For a Penny

Author: Carol Lynne
ISBN eBook:

Available through Resplendence Publishing

Genre: Contemporary, M/M


What's the old saying--you can never go home again? Raven Black resigned himself to never returning after being ordered from the only real home he'd ever known. Now, seven years later, Raven is back to face the man who sent him away. Zane Conner is not only Raven's foster brother but the only man Raven ever loved. Despite his mixed feelings about the situation, Raven can't deny Zane when the older man asks for his help in saving the Lazy C Bar Ranch. A boy found dead on the ranch clinches Raven's decision. Why did the young boy look so much like he had at that age—the same age he'd been when his own father had beaten him and left him for dead?

From the back of the book:
An avid reader for years, one day Carol Lynne decided to write her own brand of erotic romance. Carol juggles life as a full-time mom and a full-time writer. These days, you can usually find her either cleaning jelly out of the carpet or nestled in her favorite chair writing steamy love scenes.

My View:
Raven (Ray) is called back to the ranch he was raised in after he escapes from his father's abuse. When Ray returns to help the man he always loved he finds that he wasn't alone in his admiration and gets the second chance he never dreamed he would ever have. Now Ray must work to find the clues to Zane's missing cattle and the death of a boy who whose wounds look all too familiar.

This is a well-written book for those who enjoy gay romance. It is has an interesting plot and keeps the reader going until the end.

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