Friday, April 10, 2009

Romance Book Review: The Starlight Chronicles Book 3
: Under His Command

Author: Annabel Wolfe
e-ISBN: 1-60601-259-2
Genre: Sci-fi/Erotic Romance/ Menage a Trois/ Multiple Partners


In an effort to save her sister's life and others, Peyton Valmont goes against orders to rescue colonists stranded on a dying planet. While all goes well, her very strict and by-the-book Commander can't let her action go unpunished. He offers her three choices. The first two are completely out of the question. She has come to far in her career to let it all go when she can do something that will save her rank and status. The only problem is in exchange her punishment she will have to one month's sexual service to a two men of higher rank then herself.

Thinking quick Peyton decides that to keep the respect of the other crew members she must give herself to the only man high enough in rank status to keep what she has worked so hard to earn. She makes the Commander a proposition.

Commander Kel Gallico has been attracted to Peyton since she stepped foot on his ship. How can he refuse the offer she is making him? Simple, he can't. The story line behind the book is a little sexist, but really the book itself is well written. Annabel is a master at writing erotic scenes that keep the reader engaged and breathing heavy. There is also a whole other story line going on in the book that makes it more than just a sex novel. Sci-fi romance buffs will enjoy the story line and the otherworldly descriptions.

Description from the book:
Peyton Valmont is a top-ranked pilot, but she's also insubordinate, broke dozens of rules, stole military property...and she has to be punished. Commander Kel Gallico and Colonel Jake Naiad might privately think the daring lieutenant is gorgeous, but that is beside the point. Duty is duty.

Kel is known as one of the most strict ship captains in the entire federation. He's worked hard for that recognition, and just because he has a secret weakness for one luscious, willful pilot does not mean he is willing to cash in his career. Until he is sent to enact a rescue gone wrong on a planet where danger takes on a whole new meaning and having a rogue pilot who breaks the rules without thought is a decided advantage.

Two powerful males, the one woman who dares to challenge their authority, and a dangerous situation where the rules might just be suspended, makes everyone wonder who is Under His Command.

About the author from the back of the book:
Annabel Wolfe loves the unlimited possibilities of futuristic romance. New worlds, dangers we can only imagine, no rules, and of course, those dynamic heroes and independent heroines. She lives in rural Indiana with her husband, three children, and her cat and constant companion, Mr. Poot.

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