Saturday, April 11, 2009

Romance Book Review: Two Cowboys for Christie

Author: Luxie Ryder
Series Connection: Midnight Cowboys 2
E-book ISBN: 1-60601-314-9
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance/ Menage a Trois/ Multiple Partners


It had been 15 years since Christie ran from Garrett and Connor's barn rejected and upset. Since then she has lived her life, been married and divorced. Now back in her hometown for a funeral, she finds that what she had thought happened 15 years earlier wasn't exactly how the two men remembered it. No matter how much time has passed they want to make her an offer. Themselves.

Christie would always love Connor and Garrett, but what they are offering just wasn't right no matter how good it feels. Can she be with both men? This is a quick read short novella. It seems unfortunate sometimes that there just isn't enough time to go into detail on these short stories, but the author does write very sensual erotic scenes and for those who like great sex in their stories, this one is well done.

Description from the author's Website:
When Christie revisits her childhood home, she never dreams that her adolescent fantasies are about to become a reality.

She'd once been inseparable from the boys on the next ranch, but Garrett and Connor are all grown up and the games they want to play now aren't for kids.

When the two men make her an offer to pick up where they left off one drunken night in the barn as teenagers, Christie finds she is tempted. But who wouldn't be with two muscle bound, blue-eyed cowboys offering to make all your fantasies come true?

Christie reacts as they hope she will and a hot, steamy night ensues, leaving her with a difficult decision to make. Should she let society and her own sense of what is right and wrong keep her away from the two men she has never stopped loving and the place that is her destiny?

About the author from her Website:
I live in a beautiful part of the Southwest of England with my fiancé of 15 years and our dog. We have our own small business, which allows me to work from home and leaves plenty of free time for my hobbies. My first experience of writing was creating what is known as 'fan fiction' on the Internet forum of one of my favorite artists. Lots of my readers gave me really positive feedback and encouraged me to write more and take things further. Without them, I would never have had the confidence to submit a manuscript. I enjoy the process of writing and creating characters I would like to meet and situations I would love to be in.

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